Insider Trading Trends October 20 – November 9

Insider buying at the market level remains weak by the standards of the last two years. Over the last four weeks Form4Oracle Market Buy Ratio nudged up to 34% from the 32% of the previous four weeks. Although the number of net buyers (companies where insider buying exceeds selling) went down from 545 to 492, the number of net sellers dropped even more from 1143 to 944.

Here is the Form4Oracle Sentiment Rating breakdown for the 30 industry groups that we cover:

  • Strong Buy: 0
  • Buy: 2
  • Accumulate: 0
  • Hold: 5
  • Reduce: 3
  • Sell: 14
  • Strong Sell: 5

Banking – Insider Sentiment Rating: Buy

Form4Oracle’s Industry Group Buy Ratio for Banking has reached a high of 78% over the last four weeks with 152 companies that are net buyers and 43 net sellers. Buying has been especially strong in Regional – Northeast Banks (Strong Buy) and Regional Southwest Banks (Buy). Money Center Banks remained weak with Strong Sell Insider Sentiment Rating. Key buyers:

Financial Services – Insider Sentiment Rating: Strong Sell

Form4Oracle’s Industry Group Buy Ratio for Financial Services over the past four weeks was 32% with 18 companies that were net buyers and 39 net sellers. The Form4Oracle Sentiment Rating was Strong Sell for Diversified Investments and Investment Brokerage – National industries and Sell for Credit Services and Asset Management. Key sellers:

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